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The Friday Mixtape - Turntable Soul Music with Belleruche March 28 2014, 0 Comments

It’s Friday afternoon and you can almost smell the weekend which can mean only one thing - it’s time for the ‘Seventyseven Friday Mixtape' once again.

This weeks free audio is a real treat...

London band Belleruche is made up of Kathrin deBoer (vocals), Ricky Fabulous (guitar) and DJ Modest (decks); the band was formed after Ricky and Modest, who played bizarre turntable and guitar sets in London bars, bumped in to Kathrin in the market one day; she did some singing over a cup of tea with the pair and Belleruche was born.

The trio’s distinctive sound is a self-styled brand of handmade hip hop blues soul: think Sarah Vaughan, Django Reinhardt and Cut Chemist stuck in a lift with Russian beer and a sampler.

The Belleruche Family are now also experimenting with solo projects so be sure to keep an eye out as hopefully some samples of their solo projects may land in our inbox soon!


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